Unsanitary containers attract unwanted pests - from ants, to bees, to roaches, to rodents, to the common house fly. 

    * Rodents are attracted to the rotting smell and are known to carry

       the Hantavirus

    * Flies have been implicated in the transmission of at least 65 humans              and animal disease and a dirty containers is an ideal place for laying

       their maggot producing eggs

Unsanitary containers are a potential source for illnesses.  The containers that are left outside will accumulate bird droppings and pollen on their lids, which causes problems for people who suffer from allergies.  Also, unsanitary containers are a major breeding ground for :

   *Bacteria such as Salmonella, Listeria, Staphylococcus, and E Coli and              Coliform from the fecal waste from dogs and diapers


   *Food related molds and fungi

To control both the health risks and the odor, Escape Trash Can Cleaning cleans, deodorizes your containers on a monthly basis.


At Escape Trash Can Cleaning we strive for 100% customer satisfaction, we know that our customers are the heartbeat to our success and will not settle for less than perfection.

We are very environmentally conscious and use only bio degradable cleaning solutions and conserve as much water as possible. By using our fully self contained cleaning system we are able to clean your trash cans without making a mess in your driveway or street.  Our water is diluted with food grade hydrogen peroxide for sanitization purposes and use peanut oil based degreasers.